Center for Digital Health

Selena Evora, MPH

Senior Clinical Research Assistant


Selena Evora is a recent graduate from the DePaul University Master of Public Health program where she concentrated in Social Epidemiology.  To further understand racial disparities within Public Health, Selena obtained a certification in Critical Ethnic Studies examining systemic socialization of race and ethnicity though an urban and global context. Originally from Rhode Island, Selena graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and a Bachelors of Arts in Gender Women's Studies in May of 2018. Her research interests include environmental health disparities, perinatal health and public policy reform. Currently, Selena in enrolled in a full spectrum doula course at Earth's Natural Touch: Birth and Beyond Care in New Haven, CT.  In the future, she plans on working with Maternal Health in vulnerable communities specializing in advocacy and care for Black women and their babies.