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the Center for Digital Health

The Lessons of COVID-19

Harnessing the power of digital health for future emergency response.
the Center for Digital Health

‘Digital Vaccines’ for COVID-19 and Beyond

With multiple pharmaceutical companies reporting preliminary results from their COVID-19 vaccine trials and two candidates awaiting imminent FDA approval, there is a lot of recent discussion in the media about vaccines.
the Center for Digital Health

Gaming in Quarantine: The Digital Happy Pill?

Videogames have the potential to be a viable mechanism for distributing mental health resources and fostering well-being during a time of increased isolation.
the Center for Digital Health

Context Matters

With COVID-19 introducing a new landscape of stressors for U.S. adults, we need to investigate what variables contribute to heightened risk for depression symptoms.
the Center for Digital Health

Telehealth for Substance Use Disorders

Telehealth offers an easy alternative to people with substance use disorders seeking treatment, but not without barriers.