Center for Digital Health

Mission, Vision, & Values


Creating digital health innovations that improve lives. Together.


The Brown-Lifespan Center for Digital Health (CDH) is a hub where creative minds across diverse disciplines and perspectives can create and implement impactful digital health. CDH is a model of how an academic medical center can influence health by uniting technology, science, entrepreneurs, healthcare, and health systems. We drive a rapid pipeline from discovery to dissemination through our deep commitment to methodological rigor, equity and ethics. Building on our direct connections with our patients, communities, and practitioners, our research is informed by both current and future clinical needs. We collaboratively design, test, and deploy digital health projects that address society’s most pressing health challenges. We anticipate and help shape the future of the field.  We impact health through digital innovation - together.


Impact: We pursue projects that make a real difference for real people. We are dedicated to ensuring that digital health is effective, usable, and feasible - and to making sure that digital health products that meet these metrics are shared widely.

Innovation: The best digital health interventions push the edge. They redefine how we think about health outcomes, how and where technology can influence health, and what new combinations of digital technology and healthcare may be possible. We believe that the most transformative innovations emerge from partnerships of unusual suspects; new connections between diverse disciplines, academic institutions, and private and public organizations are key to our long-term success. 

Equity: Our work is deeply rooted in our communities - our patients, our clinicians, community partners, researchers, and students. Through careful inclusion of voices that have traditionally been underrepresented in the science and design of healthcare interventions, we can focus our work on addressing and preventing social inequities in health. We commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the deepest sense of the words. This focus on equity is too often missing from the world of digital health. 

Integrity: In recognition of our responsibilities to our patients and colleagues, we ensure that our work is rigorous, using best-of-class methods for development, measurement, and dissemination. Our work must also be ethical. We respect our responsibilities to patients, participants, and providers; are attentive to conflict of interest; and maintain a purposeful eye toward issues of stigma, transparency, and justice.