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Darria Long Gillespie, MD, MBA

Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Tennessee, Author of Mom Hacks


Darria Long Gillespie, MD, MBA is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, national media contributor, national bestselling author, and digital health executive. A Harvard and Yale-trained physician, she distills the science and information to deliver data-driven guidance to make lives healthier, better… and easier. 

Dr. Darria appears regularly on CNN, Headline News, The Dr. Oz Show, NBC, and other outlets, national bestselling author of Mom Hacks, and TedX speaker of the now widely popular “An ER doctor on triaging your crazy busy life”. Dr. Darria is Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee. She has the led the development of digital symptom checker AskMD, clinical strategy at Sharecare, and overseen the creation of systematic medical review and protocols for population and individual health management. She received her training in emergency medicine at Yale School of Medicine and her MBA from Harvard Business School.