Center for Digital Health

Current Grants

A list of our ongoing digital health grants.

  1. Social Media, Violence, and Social Isolation Among At-Risk Adolescents: Exploring Ground Truth. NICHD R01HD104187 (MPIs: Ranney/Nugent). 9/20-8/25. Amount: $2,496,128.
  2. Brief, Web-based Intervention to Reduce Heavy Drinking and Encourage Prevention Among High-Risk Men Completing HIV/STI Self-testing. NIAAA P01AA019072 (MPI: Wray). 9/20-8/25. Amount: $1,914,409.
  3. GAPcare II: The Geriatric Acute & Post-acute Care Coordination Program for Fall Prevention in the Emergency Department. NIA K76AG059983 (PI: Goldberg). 9/19 - 9/24. Amount: $225,000.
  4. Role of Social, Behavioral, and Ecological Processes in Dating Violence. R01 HD095932 (Co-I: Nugent). 3/19-2/24.
  5. Development of a Novel Mobile Health Tool for Age-Specific Dehydration Assessment and Management in Patients with Diarrheal Disease. R01 DK116163 (Co-I: Rosen). 9/18-8/23.
  6. A Technology-Augmented Intervention to Prevent Peer Violence & Depressive Symptoms Among At-Risk Emergency Department Adolescents. NICHD (PI: Ranney). 3/18-2/23. Amount: $3,202,997.
  7. Mobile Health Platform for Providing Real-Time Follow-Up after Home-based Self-testing for High-Risk Men who have Sex with Men. NIMH R01MH114891 (MPI: Wray). 12/17-11/22. Amount: $3,476,755.
  8. Applying User-Centered Design Strategies to Develop a Tablet-Optimized Intervention to Help High-Risk Men Starting PrEP Reduce their Heavy Drinking and Adhere to Medication. NIAAA R34AA027195 (MPI: Wray). 9/19-8/22. Amount: $696,597.
  9. Next-Generation Robotic Intelligence that Provides Psycho-Social Support for Older Adults. NSF (Co-PI: Armey). 8/17-7/22. Amount: $999,803.
  10. Integrated Digital Health Intervention to Promote Engagement in and Adherence to Medication-Assisted Treatment. NIDA (PI: Langdon). 5/19-5/22.
  11. Functional Imaging Study of Cortico-limbic Predictors of Emotion Regulation, Emotion Reactivity, and Risk for Suicidal Ideation and Behavior. R01 MH112674 (PI: Armey). 8/17-5/22. Amount: $2,873,072.
  12. Observational Study of Patient’s Use of a Digital Diagnosis App in a Primary Care Office. Department of Medicine (PI: Ross). 9/20-9/21. Amount: $30,000.
  13. C.A.R.E.S.: A Mobile Health Program for Alcohol Risk Reduction for an Under-served College Population. R42 AA026788 (Co-I: Rosen). 7/18-6/21.
  14. Connect-19. University of Wisconsin SMAHRT (PI: Ranney). 6/20-5/21. Amount: $80,000.
  15. Understanding the Interplay of Social Context and Physiology on Psychological Outcomes in Trauma-Exposed Adolescents. NIMH R01 (PI: Nugent). 7/16-3/21. Amount: $3,330,063.
  16. Using Smartphone Geofencing to Trigger Just-in-time Interventions to Help Young Adults Moderate Their Drinking. Brown University Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies (PI: Wray). 1/20-1/21. Amount: $14,000.
  17. A Mobile App for Designing and Analyzing Data from Personalized Experiments. Brown Catalyst Grant Program (Co-PI: Huang). Amount: $20,000.
  18. Ecological Momentary Assessment of Alcohol-Related Intimate Partner Violence among Young Adult Drinkers. R21AA026630-01A1 (Consultant: Armey). Amount: $232,336.