Center for Digital Health

Completed Grants

A list of recently completed digital health grants.

  1. Health-related Technology Use and Quality of Life in Older Adults. NIA MSTAR T35 AG038027-10. 6/10-9/20. Amount: $12,256.
  2. Intervention Media to Prevent Adolescent Cyber-conflict through Technology. University of Wisconsin SMAHRT (PI: Ranney). 6/19-5/20. Amount: $180,000.
  3. Observational Study of Patient’s Use of a Digital Diagnosis App in the Emergency Department. Brown Center for Bioinformatics (Co-PI: Ranney/Fraser). 6/19-5/20.
  4. Brief Alcohol Intervention and mHealth Booster for Suicidal Adolescents. NIAAA R34AA025763 (Co-I: Spirito). 5/17-4/20.
  5. Mobile After-Care Support Intervention for Patients with Schizophrenia following Hospitalization. R34 MH115144-01A1 (Co-I: Armey). 7/18-4/20. Amount: $245,797.
  6. Mobile Peer-Support for Opioid Use Disorders: Refinement of an Innovative Machine Learning Tool. NIH R41 DA047837 (PI: Beaudoin). 4/19-3/20. Amount: $225,000.
  7. Computer-Assisted Brief Intervention Protocol for Marijuana Using Juveniles. NIDA R34DA042247 (MPI: Spirito). 4/17-2/20. Amount: $448,083.
  8. ED Smart Notifications: Real-time Predictive Modeling of At-Risk Emergency Department Patients. Advance-CTR (PI: Ranney). 5/18-6/19. Amount: $80,849.
  9. Creating a Non-ACGME Fellowship in Digital Innovation in Health Care and Education. Academic Development Award, UEMF (PI: Pensa). 6/17-5/19. Amount: $80,000.
  10. Emergency Department Texting Lifespan with Care. Internally funded, UEMF (PI: Ranney). 4/17-12/17. Amount: $1,000.
  11. Bullying Prevention Intervention for Adolescent Primary Care Patients. NICHD R21 (PI: Ranney). 8/16-7/18. Amount: $463,261.
  12. Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders Transitioning from Residential Treatment to the Community: Improving Outcomes via a Computer Assisted Parenting Program. NIDA R34 DA039289 (PI: Becker). 5/16-4/19. Amount: $665,655.
  13. Optimizing Patient Engagement in a Novel Pain Management Initiative (OPEN). PCORI (PI: Green). 3/14-2/18. Amount: $2,049,980.
  14. Text-message-based Depression Prevention for High-Risk Youth in the ED. NIMH K23 MH095866 (PI: Ranney). 4/13-2/18. Amount: $913,494.