Center for Digital Health

Mary Vriniotis, MS

Research Program Manager


Mary Vriniotis, MS is an injury prevention researcher with over 15 years of experience studying violence and suicide prevention, with an emphasis on firearms injury prevention. During her decade at the Harvard Injury Control Research Center (HICRC), she helped launch the Means Matter Campaign to educate suicide prevention professionals on the importance of reducing firearm suicides and innovative strategies to do so. She is an active member of the New Hampshire Firearm Safety Coalition, where she was a founding member of the Gun Shop Project: an initiative working with firearm retailers, instructors, and range owners to encourage customers to consider temporarily storing firearms outside the home during a crisis. After spending a few years in DC, she returned to HICRC to launch a clinical trial on lethal means counseling in the ED for parents of youth at risk for suicide. Ms. Vriniotis has expertise in community-based participatory research, survey design, and monitoring and evaluation, and a master’s degree in health policy and management from Harvard University’s Chan School of Public Health.