Center for Digital Health

Seminar Series 9/1: "Using mobile augmented reality games to make physical therapy easy and fun" with Reactiv

On September 1 at 1:00pm EDT was a virtual presentation on "Using mobile augmented reality games to make physical therapy easy and fun" with Arthur Sebert and Siddharth Saxena from Reactiv. Gamifying Physical Therapy is not a new idea, but previous attempts have generally relied on custom sensors and hardware. With the advances in computer vision on devices we use every day, in particular our phones, we can track rehab motions directly from cameras we already own, and match these motions with interactive experiences and games. This new approach not only makes Physical Therapy a lot more fun, but also cheaper and more accessible.

Arthur Sebert: After four years in management consulting at Roland Berger, Arthur built two investor-funded startups: one in 3D printing, and one in gamified mobile messaging. He holds a MS in Maths and Physics from Ponts et Chaussees, and a M.Eng. from Cambridge University. Arthur underwent 3 knee surgeries in his 20s and had to go through 18 months of cumulated physical therapy. These experiences resulted in an understanding of how difficult it can be to comply with rehab protocol, and a desire to improve the process for everyone.

Siddharth Saxena: Prior to joining the founding team at Reactiv, Siddharth was Founder & CEO at Oblix, an angel-funded virtual reality start-up that developed a metaverse set in the real world. At Oblix, Siddharth also led the development and launch of Go Guess, a VR geographic guessing game. As Acting Chief Strategy Officer at Garou, Siddharth led the company’s winning application to Verizon’s Built on 5G Challenge and the development of VR software for clients including ViacomCBS, Fujitsu, SNCF and other global corporate leaders. Siddharth holds a BA in Architectural Studies from Brown University.