Center for Digital Health

Seminar Series May 26th with Ali Chambers, PhD & Jeffrey Richardson: "eConsent through REDCap: How to UtilizeREDCap’s eConsent Framework to Approach your Digital Consent Process"

Informed consent has long been documented on paper forms and stored in file cabinets. It's natural that some may be fearful of change. This presentation reviewed REDCap for e-Consenting participants in their own studies, as well as quelling any reluctance researchers may have about making the switch to eConsent. The talk covers the ins & outs of using REDCap for electronically consenting research participants. There will be a review of the REDCap e-Consent framework as well as a guided demonstration of the e-Consent template. Researchers will learn how to design and customize e-Consent surveys while learning some best practices and common pitfalls to avoid.

Ali Chambers, PhD is an Assistant Professor for the Brown University Department of Medicine at Rhode Island Hospital. She is a member of the Lifespan the Biostatistics Core, where offers methods, study design, and statistical support for collaborating researchers and mentoring support for the Rhode Island Hospital/Brown University resident training program. She also taught clinical database management and design through REDCap for Rhode Island Hospital and Care New England as part of the Advanced CTR. She attained a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Connecticut and a doctorate from Brown University, where her thesis work focused on translational imaging diagnostics specific to Orthopaedic biomechanics applications.

Jeffrey Richardson is a graduate of Rhode Island College. He is a data coordinator in the Lifespan Biostatistics Department and serves as a REDCap administrator. He has numerous years of experience working with healthcare data on research projects and as an analyst.