Center for Digital Health

Seminar Series 5/19 with Adam Wolfberg, MD MPH: "Challenges in validating the clinical impact of digital health technology"

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Adam will discuss how randomizing subjects to digital health technology is problematic, and the role of selection bias in many digital health trials. Further, he will discuss fundamental limitations of digital health technologies to impacting outcomes.

Adam Wolfberg, MD, MPH, is the chief medical officer at Current Health, where he also leads implementation and account management. Previously, he worked in medical affairs at Ovia Health, athenaHealth and Ariosa Diagnostics. Adam trained in OB/GYN and maternal-fetal medicine and practices at Cambridge Hospital. Before going to medical school he was a print journalist. He blogs at, and has written for magazines and websites including the Boston Globe Magazine,, Huffington Post, and His first book, Fragile Beginnings, was published by Beacon Press in 2012.