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Seminar series 3/24 with David Grandy of Kaiser Permanente: Transforming Healthcare Through Design Thinking

david grandy

David Grandy of Kaiser Permanente on " Transforming Healthcare Through Design Thinking". Kaiser Permanente’s Office of Transformation was established with a mandate to infuse new ways of thinking and working into the organization at enterprise level. Prior to the pandemic the portfolio included initiatives to address food insecurity and housing instability, digital engagement tools leading to real world behavior change, building a novel platform to upend care and service in the home, and redesigning the ambulatory experience. Throughout 2020 and early 2021, the practice assisted in KP’s pandemic response, leading efforts to design, test and manufacture alternative PPE, develop a comprehensive and holistic program to prevent intra-household transmission of SARS CoV-2, drive testing innovation for the State of California, and more recently to articulate recommendations for an array of human factors solutions that help increase getting people vaccinated. Through these varied experiences driving innovation in a complex, highly regulated industry, we’ve learned key lessons about how to work at the intersection of design thinking and business, and within socio-technical systems. In this session, David will present some of those key lessons, grounded in project work both inside and adjacent to healthcare.

David’s contributions to healthcare span more than 20 years, beginning with a progression of health system leadership positions, followed by a career in management consulting focused on innovation. Working within a global design practice, he traveled the world helping clients across various sectors drive human-centered innovation. David’s work as a thinker, teacher, explorer and partner has taken him to five continents as a strategic advisor in board rooms and cabinet rooms alike.