Center for Digital Health

Seminar Series 2/10 with Kristina Steinberg, MD, MMCi: Clinical Data Science: The Here and Now to Infinity and Beyond

seminar 2/10

CDH Seminar Series presents "Clinical Data Science: The Here and Now to Infinity and Beyond," with Kristina Steinberg, MD, MMCi. From quality measures to predictive modeling, data science methods and techniques are helping to transform the US healthcare system. As a physician data scientist, Dr. Steinberg relies on her clinical knowledge when working with big data to unearth the stories and trends that lead to improved outcomes. In this presentation, Dr Steinberg will review topics and trends in data science that are currently being used with big healthcare data and explore the emerging topics and trends.

Dr. Steinberg is a physician data scientist solving complex problems in the healthcare industry. Dr. Steinberg trained at top tier medical institutions, including Duke University, Yale University, & University of Texas Southwestern.