Center for Digital Health

Seminar Series 1/13 with Adam Blumenthal: Transformative Uses of Virtual Reality in Health & Medicine

Watch our recording of the January 13th seminar series presentation by Adam Blumenthal, "Transformative Uses of Virtual Reality in Health & Medicine". Adam presented on the current state of VR as a tool for training, therapy, and patient engagement with many examples of compelling case studies.

Adam has been producing innovative digital experiences with the world's best-known organizations for more than 25 years. During his career he has led digital strategy and production at preeminent Madison Avenue agencies, worked with legends of the entertainment industry, and some of the foremost philanthropies and universities to transform the ways they engage with their audiences using digital media. During the Obama administration Adam was a guest at the White House for three summits with innovators in education. He has a particular interest and specialty in virtual reality (VR). During the last five years Adam has produced several VR experiences for learning and healthcare use cases. Adam is an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Computer Science and has taught courses in strategy and design for VR as Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence and an Associate Professor of the Practice.